I understand that by registering for an event with The Modern Trail Runners C.I.C that I agree to the following terms and conditions.

Athletes shall take full responsibility to ensure their physical condition allows them to participate in the event and must have recently undergone a full medical examination to confirm as such, however we do not require a medical certificate. Athletes should have the relevant race experience and acknowledge the risks present in such mountain trail events.
 The Modern Trail Runners reserves the right to forbid any athlete from participating should any concerns arise due to physical condition, relevant race experience or inappropriate behaviour.

Disclaimer of liability, The Modern Trail Runners shall not be responsible for death, injury or any other conditions arising due to the nature of the event and as such the participant agrees to the disclaimer of liability and waives the right to pursue the company in any claim or moral damages as aforementioned above.

All persons under the age of 18 years of old as of the 5th September 2021 shall require a declaration consent form by their parent or guardian, available during online registration.

Registering fees are non-refundable if the athlete does not attend at any time for any reason.

If The Modern Trail Runners cancel the event for any reason the participant shall receive a full refund or the opportunity to transfer to another event at a later date.
Participants should be aware that images shall be recorded at all events and acknowledge they may be used for marketing and promotional purposes.